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Ann Rossilli, One of The Seven Palettes, Exhibits with Her Group and Independently

Through the years, Ann's work has been featured in many galleries and at public art fairs. She has been asked to return to several venues on an annual basis and has helped with organizing and installations (that's where her museum experience really helps!). Here is a sample of some of those venues with her painting group, the Seven Palettes and independent shows.


Independent Shows

Montgomery Art Association Labor Day Show, Kensington, yearly 2012–1017

International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, Strathmore Mansion, yearly 2015--2019

   (awarded Honorable Mention 2017)

The Yellow Barn at Glen Echo, Members Show, 2012, 2013, 2017

Seven Palettes

Maplewood Park Gallery, Summer 2018

Gallery B, January 10 –February 3, 2018

Gallery B, January 2017

Kentlands Mansion, June –September 2016

Brookside Gardens, February 2016

The Yellow Barn at Glen Echo, November 2013

About the Seven Palettes

This group of women joined together for the purpose of increasing their immersion in art. “Individually we are all doing well, but we found that in working together, we could pool our resources and accomplish more, plus support each other and have more fun,” the members say. “We can be honest with each other about aspirations, about the foolishness of some ‘rules,’ and about our artwork.” They have been working cooperatively since 2012 on activities that include joint workshops and group exhibits, individual and collective websites, and group painting expeditions, near and far.

The Seven Palettes include Sara Becker, Nancy Butler, Helen Gallagher, Caroline Orrick, Ann Rossilli, Penny Smith, and Maureen Ward. 

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